A Cappella: Awesome. 5 different groups on campus, and they each have their own personalities. The concerts are great, and the after parties are even better.

Accidentals: The only all-male a cappella group on campus. “Singing soul to soul and brother to brother…”

Allen Street: Street bordering north side of campus. Houses students living off campus, Interfaith House, Blue House, Soccer House, and Hillel.

Alpha Delta: aka AD. Known for Snowpants Nopants, Jungle, RAVE, and for having the largest basement dance floor on campus. No brothers actually live there, so the entire house is pretty much devoted to the sole purpose of entertaining (which they do very well). Tip: do not use the bathrooms.

The Bistro: Most upscale of the three dining options on campus, and the only option on the north side of campus. Has a two-meal option called Infusion that has CRAZY nice food.  “Should I get the flank steak, the salmon, or the shark?” – A hungry student

Camp Trin: An affectionate and highly appropriate nickname

The Cave Cafe: aka The Cave. One of three dining locations on campus. Mostly grab-and-go, and open until midnight. Sushi Wednesdays.

Chapel Singers: aka Chappies. Audition-based paid choir that sings in weekly church services and at major college events. Goes on tour (read: paid weeklong vacation) every two years.

Cinestudio: On-campus movie theater started up by Steve Gyllenhaal. Complete with old-fashioned comfortable seats, balcony seating, and a velvet curtain, it shows everything from foreign art films to blockbuster hits. Free tickets if you volunteer there, and it’s the only volunteer and student-run movie theater on a college campus in the country.

Cleo: aka Cleo of Alpha Chi, but no one calls it that. A great spot for… alternative methods of weekend relaxation.

Club Lib: Library. “I’ll see you at Late Night, but I have to hit up Club Lib first” – A well-rounded student

Crescent Street: Street on South/East side of campus. Houses students living off campus and the worst dorms (Little, Anadama, etc.), but was recently bought by the school for renovation.

The Dischords: One of two co-ed a cappella groups on campus. “Singing about your mom since 2005…”

The Fred: aka the Fred Pfeil Community Project aka awesome. Housed in Summit East, the Fred is a community-based housing option made up of 60 students and dedicated to creating alternative and inclusive campus events. They host something every Friday night ranging from coffeehouses and movie nights to turning the entire dorm into a mimi golf course.

High Rise: Upperclassmen dorm on Vernon. 4 quads per floor times 8 stories. Generally Senior and (sometimes) Junior housing, and is pretty much a free-for-all. Also houses our radio station, WRTC.

Little: aka Shittle aka the undeniably worst freshman dorm on campus. Because it’s tucked between LSC and Crescent St you have the option of either having a view of ghetto construction or having a view of the loading docks of the ugliest building on campus. Plus side? Living in Little essentially guarantees you palatial housing for the next three years and everyone will want to be your roommate.

The Mill: Student art house on Vernon. They have a gallery space, an area for DJs or bands to perform, a recording studio, a photo studio, a screen printing room, and many many more rooms full of artistic endeavors. Host a number of shows throughout the year, and you only need to attend four meetings in order to become a member.

Late Night: When most* fraternities officially open for business. Goes from 12:30 until…            * everyone knows The Hall doesn’t open until 2

Long Walk: Historic portion of campus. Recognized to be the first example of Collegiate Gothic style architecture, and they were renovated/restored in 2008. Includes two upper-class dormitories and one academic hall. Yes, these are some of our dorms.

Mather: Main dining hall on campus. Includes a vegan & vegetarian station, gluten free station, pizza station, burrito bar, salad bar, fro-yo and desert emporium, cereal bar, (soon-to-be) kosher station, and some form of main meat course. All you can eat. Seating tips: sit on the right side of the dining hall, and never use the bar-style chairs if you can help it. Why? Because that’s what the cool kidz do.

Mather Marathon: When you go to Mather and end up staying for several hours and only leave when you catch yourself seriously considering a 5th bowl of ice cream.

The Moveable Joints: Trinity’s Improve Group. Hilarious, spontaneous, and they always pack the house.

‘Neath The Elms: The most nostalgic Alma mater ever. “We’re together today and tomorrow away…”

North: The largest freshman dorm and the only first year housing on Vernon street. Pretty much guaranteed to be a shitshow…

Pi Kappa Alpha: aka Pike. Known for their open-bar cocktail parties and more themed events, but their house looks like it’s about to be condemned…

The Pipes: One of two co-ed a cappella groups on campus. “Founded in 1839 in the library of St.Anthony Hall…”

Psi Upsilon: aka Psi U aka Psi Oopsilon aka awesome. Known for Tropical, Hoedown, Spring Formal (read: not a formal), and general shenanigans. The boys are located in the old Governor’s Mansion on Vernon, and are always welcoming to packs of freshmen girls. It makes you legitimately feel like you’re in a darker, louder, and better version of a national lampoon college movie.

The Quirks: One of two all-female a cappella groups on campus.                                                             QUIRK IT:

Saint Anthony Hall: aka Delta Psi aka The Hall. Known for their remarkable exclusivity, their endless ability to rage, and their White Party. Brothers (and sisters) live in Ogilby, and party in their castle-like charter house.

Sigma Nu: aka Sigma Who? Not sure if they technically exist anymore, but their house is/was on Allen…

Squash: “A racket game played in a closed walled court with a rubber ball” and a game in which we will certainly kick your ass.

Summit Street: Street capping off and running along the west side of campus.

Summit Suites: Newest dorms on campus. Seniors generally snag these rooms up first in the housing lottery. (Read: air conditioned quad suites with communal kitchen units in each section of the building. Actually amazing.)

Trifecta: The most effective Late Night sequence. Psi U, AD, Hall.

Trinitones: One of two all-female a cappella groups on campus. Black dresses and pearls, anyone?

Trin Trin: That pearl-wearing, longchamp-toting, fake blonde in the back of your class who only swaps out Tory and Lilly for sweatpants and aviators in order to make it through Friday morning sociology classes. Easily spotted Thursday through Tuesday at Late Night dutifully working towards her MRS degree.

TrinGirl Creep: A technique used by girls to check out what everyone is wearing that morning. Easily accomplished by peering out of your window before getting dressed in the morning and checking out everyone outside. Much easier than checking the weather online.
“So most people are wearing coats, but there’s this one chick in shorts and a tank top, so I don’t know what to do…” – A Girl

The Underground: Coffeehouse in basement of Mather. Open until midnight and fully equipped with comfortable couches, music, and super cool decorations.

Vernon Street: Only street on campus, but it’s capped off at one end. Houses The Hall, Psi U, Vernon Social Center, Pike, AD, The Mill, Campus Safety, Dean Alford’s house, and is very much the social hub on Thursday and Saturday nights.

Wheaton dormitory:  “the brothel,” all ladies, all the time

19 Traditional: Basic meal plan. 19 Mather meals a week, and use them however you want. Too awkward to go out on a real date? Just offer to swipe for your lady friend. I’m sure she’ll appreciate the extra meals on Thursday night.
“Don’t worry about it babe- I’ll swpe you in.” – A true gentleman


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