Connecticut College

AC Walk– Or the dreaded AC walk. The number one excuse to not go to gym is this walk that feels like 10 miles long; across campus, across a bridge, down (and after up) many flights of stairs, down a steep hill (and after up that same steep hill). The only redeemable fact about this walk is the gorgeous view of the sound from the top of the bridge and eventually getting to the ridiculously expensive, brand new gym.

Arbo – Connecticut College Arboretum.  Lots of trees and shrubs and Herbs and a pond.  And paths.  Some rocks.  And Amy Winehouse. #toosoon?

Bagel Snatch – Deviant maneuver in which the highly trafficked area around the bagel toaster in Harris becomes the site of a stealthy heist, usually on mornings when wake-up and class are around 3-5 minutes apart.

Bank Street – Downtown New Lo.  Bars.  Train/Bus station.  Bars.  Locals.  Exchange.  Hot Rods.  Mambos.  Bars.  Beers.

Big Hig – nickname affectionately given to our fun-sized president.  Usually spotted in oversized linen suits and full-moon glasses, Big Hig is good for a few minutes of solid banter everywhere from the sideline at a sports game to a floor party on Saturday night.  Props to Higgles for roaming.

Blue Camel – basement library.  Overpriced, but a lot of solid people working here, especially the main lady.  Imperative for library all-nighters.  Dece coffee.  Dank cheesy bagels.

Briefcase – the nattypack, 30 stones, 30 buschlights, etc.  Time to go to work.

Camel Waffles– A necessary indulgence when a bagel just won’t do. When I first used the (surprisingly official and un-Conn-like) waffle irons, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my waffle was adequately crisped and golden brown.  I dislodged it from the top of the iron, plopped it onto my plate, and promptly pooped myself, as staring up at me, emblazoned on the center of the waffle, was none other than our illustrious Conn Camel!! Potential additions include, but are not limited to: choco chips, strawberries, strawberry syrup, and standard maple syrup.  All around a highly under-utilized resource.

Camelympics– Conn Coll’s version of the olympics, only more intense. Each fall, residence houses compete against each other in various tests of athletic prowess, metal toughness, and general ridiculousness (Hogwarts style) for over 24 straight hours. Opening ceremonies on Friday, competitions through the night and the next day, closing ceremonies and a Cro dance on Saturday night. New games are added every year.  In the past, the list of games has included a mile run, a t-shirt contest (every house makes tees weeks before), dodgeball, crossword puzzels, soccer, guitar hero, flag football, scavenger hunt, scategories, uno, relay swim, pool, volleyball and dizzy bat. The crowning event is the Longest Event, in which participants test their endurance and their sanity by trying to be last (wo)man standing touching a tree outside of cro.  Winning gives bragging rights to the house and especially the Housefellow for the rest of the year.

Changing of the Guard– Ceremonial passing of a proverbial torch and a literal giant stuffed camenal (camel/animal?) from the Senior class to the Junior class in late spring. Classy ceremony followed by typical Cro debauchery fueled by an open bar for juniors and seniors. Unofficial kickoff to all senior week/spring semester parties.

The Chapel – acapella concerts found here, as well as a famed, hallowed and daring location for a romantic conquest. Shhhhhhhh

Club Hockey vs. Coast Guard – debauchery, heckling, dehumanization, aggressive consumption, creativity, and a hatred for all things Coast Guard Academy (“NA-VY RE-JECTS”) make this hardly-contested victory all the more enjoyable for all parties involved.  Except for the coasties.  It probably sucks for them.

Coasties – Uniformed nerds infrequently allowed out of their across-Route-32-cages long enough to creepily hunt unsuspecting Conn girls and try to procure alcohol.  I met a cool one.  Once.

CoCo Heaux – a product of the studly nature of ConnColl’s premier acapella organization, the CoCo Beaux.  Heaux status is earned by taking down three (3) of the illustrious Beaux.

Coffee Grounds – attached to Katharine Blunt dorm. Hipstiz lift n roight. Delicious baked goods though…

Cro – cRoZi3RR w1lLLiAMzzZ C3ntuR 4 k1Dz WOO ken r33d go@od n WaN2 do otT3r stof ggo0d 2. Mailroom, bookstore, Oasis. Studios upstairs, shitshows downstairs. Lost freshmen in the basement.

Cro Dance – The abandonment of all pride and dignity from 10 pm until 2 am on Saturday nights throughout the school year, in combination with aggressive adherence to ridiculous themes, will make these a consistent success. #djEZ?

Cummings – Arts Center.  Big ol’ building.  Legend has it there are beds in here, or that there is an unending supply of adderal, because arts kids don’t leave. Ever.  Music Library in the basement is choice study grounds.

Dirty South –  the wet part of campus.  Old stone dorms.  Debauchery and mayhem.

Divebombing – not in any way Conn-related but deserving of a definition. The act of approaching a member of the opposite sex during a social situation and engaging in approximately 30 seconds of conversation before going in for the make-out.  Rule 1 is that you must accept rejection if it is offered and move on to the next divebomb.  There is no Rule 2.

Doms – Four words: Online Pizza Delivery Tracker. Oh, and open till midnight.

Dunks/Dunkies – necessary, frequently.  Especially popular towards the end of the semester when Harris breaks out the “Surprise!” labels in the hot food line.

Ex-Lax – Off-campus and off limits to campus po.  “The House”, to the team and to regulars. Arrive with your dignity, leave with a laxer.  The best place to spot great walks of shame from south campus.  Could be gone in 2011-2012.

Exchange – Lax takeover Thursday – Saturday.  Chill deck.  Ray is the go-to behind the bar.

Fast Food Alley – the culmination of my being. Taco Bell, meet KFC, oh wait can I have it my way across the street? Naaa, five dollar footlong.  Aaannnnd Popeyes.  The New London equivalent of Las Vegas.

Festivus – Annual holiday party the week before Fall classes end. A different theme is given each year (penguins, holiday card, winter olympics, ect) and every house participates in the common room decoration contest. Shmancy cocktail parties are thrown in every house followed by Cro dance, pictures with Santa, endless sweets and champagne. Good cheer and fun before finals start!

Fishbowl– Seniors only naked run during late spring semester. Enough drinking between 10pm and 2am to loosen inhibitions, strip and run from Cro to The Gong in south campus. Followed by a very awkward naked breakfast, unless you were wise enough to carry your clothes with you. Basically the greatest event at CC, second only to Floralia.

Floor Party – Open doors, jungle juice, beats, spills, darkness, campus po, bodies on bodies, on bodies, on Dubra.

Floralia – Spring festival.  A legendary day.  Where some schools have a spring week or weekend, Conn goes the low road and jams all the fun into one day.  Sprint the marathon.  Past headliners have included Lil Bow Wow, Ladysmith Black Mombaso, DMX, Cher, and The Blue Man Group.

FNL– Friday Night’s Live. Weekly live concert in Cro, the one sober thing to do on the weekends… or not sober. Acts have included Brett Denen, Jon McLaughlin and Grace Webber.

The Gatehouse – Often resembles a US Customs office.  Rife with old white guys in campus po uniforms.

The Gong– Giant (I mean giant) sculpture outside of Cummings. Legend says that if you ring the gong before Fishbowl you won’t graduate.

Harris – Right side: Athletes. Middle and Left: Some athletes, everyone else, and the cereal #cheeriosFTW.  Foods: beat, without some creativity.  Staff: Tread lightly.  The main dining hall on campus.

Housefellow/Housefellow Suite – The ConnColl equivalent of the RA.  Housefellows are seniors who hold down the fort, one for each dorm.  They are in charge of breaking up parties and dealing with everything that goes on in the dorms.  Their rooms are also huge apartments with refrigerators so make sure they are your friends.

KB Tunnel (The Tunnel) – Underground passageway connecting KB and Larrabee dorms.  Half graffiti canvas, half potential murder scene.

Laxtitutes – there is a collection of generally attractive females at every cac school who, when introduced to alcohol, gravitate immediately towards members of that school’s lacrosse team.  This is a widely accepted and celebrated phenomena.

Laz – The Ralph S. Lazrus House is proudly reserved for students requiring a closet-style residential environment in order to fulfill their academic potential.  Though UFO-esque in appearance, Laz House sports a kitchen and is within close walking distance of the Chapel so that its residents may go and pray for their salvation.

Norm’s– 24 hour diner that is frequented by camels at all hours of the day and night. The best stop for a party after a campus party is at Norm’s. Get some coffee, eggs and toast to soak up all the alcohol and cure a hangover.

The Nunery – Manifestation of Conn’s 60-40 female-male ratio.  Fourth floor dorm halls that are all-girls.  Lack of male influence generally means a quieter hall, for better or for worse.

Oasis – Power move. $5 ‘zza. $3.75 breakfast sandwiches. And $4.50 energy drinks. All on the swipe card.  The comfy booths up the stairs are for sex.  Open till 12:30 am Sunday through Wednesday, then till 2:00 am Thursday through Saturday.

Ocean Beach – 10 minutes from campus, unguarded, and full of locals.  Similar to a Venice Beach skeleton, with the decrepit gym and mini golf in the background.

Offc. Seamus – bowling pin-shaped fun sucker.

The Plex – North Campus. A psych-ward-type conglomeration of six dormitories under one roof.  Or, Conn’s answer to the New London housing crisis that never happened.  Cool alcoves, Harris, and the possibility of landing all of your friends in one dorm bring the Plex some deserving respect.

Ridge – Rage. Apartments. 5 people per.  School-sanctioned quiet housing means keep the doors shut so campus po can’t see the keg.

Rugby Suit’s Game– Annual rugby match the morning of Floralia. All the boys look their best in goodwill suits that get ripped, muddy, smelly, sweaty and grass stained during the game. The entire campus spectates while sipping mimosas and waiting for Floralia’s music acts to start.

SA/Floor Governor – Student Advisors for freshmen.  As all dorms are froshies through seniors, the liaison between freshmen drinking and upperclassmen drinking is of the utmost importance.

Sailing – Conn’s go-to sports program.  Annual contenders in the NCAA tournament, Conn’s proficiency in this waterborne art is indicative of its student body.  In addition to being good at sailing, the team is also good at drinking alcohol.

Silvers – ConnColl legend.  The finest campus safety officer ever to set foot on Connecticut College grounds.

South Lot – Where you don’t want to park.  The walk from south lot up to any of the dorms is similar to the Iditarod, without the huskies.

Stash’s – Wednesday night karaoke. Pool tables.  Cheap pitchers.  Locals.

Sunday Brunch Harris – some of last night’s outfits, some partial nudity, more confusion and cloudy memories.  Dirt flies.

Tent Dance – What happens under the tent, stays under the tent.  Fall and Spring. 

Third Floor Shain – where your pre-med, stereotypically driven, or English major friends are when they don’t answer their phones on weeknights.  A dark, dark place.

Trinity College – about 45 minutes to the northwest, Trinity is where Conn kids go to have fun, when our own ghetto doesn’t suffice.

Twasteds – best way to start a long day of drinking. I wouldn’t be surprised to see my grandmother drinking these out of a ceramic mug. So I drink them too.

Walk of Shame – powerwalk, usually. Sometimes a light jog, if occurring the morning after a themed party.

Watch Hill – the best kept secret in Rhode Island. You won’t get it from me.

WesTech – Weird.

Winchester – Collection of college-owned houses behind the Ridge.  Sweet living situation, but mostly niche parties.  As far off campus as Conn will provide housing.

Winthrop – Friend who’s a comp sci major told me about this place. It’s where fun goes to die. Run by robots and aliens, it is the home of the CS department. And Mr. Ratburn. 


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