A Capella: All men, all women, mix it up don’t care will still wedge myself between two strangers at the chapel to see this fabulosity

Angela: Your safe ride savior, whether you decided to go out in heels (mistake 100% of the time) or got caught in that lovely weather phenomenon known as the “wintry mix.”  She sometimes has baked goods in the van and, best of all, won’t judge you for your hook up

Bean Boots: Footwear of every NESCAC student for the winter months (which includes what people from other geographical regions refer to as “spring”)

Bowdoin/Colby Hockey games: Rivalry games, get tickets early. Mule meat (raw steak) to adorn the partition. Practice chanting “Safety School” and “UMaine Waterville” in rhythm. Be prepared to fend off responses of “Ugly Chicks.”

Bowdoin Lanyards: What is it with freshman and using these lanyards to hold their Onecards? They’re tacky and lame, stop wearing them!

Bro Lab: The computer lab in the basement of H-L. Always a broverload in there. Ignore the Skoal tins and for god’s sake save your shit to the hard drive!

Bowdoin Log: Bowdoin’s famous dessert, vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate with fudge and sliced almonds on top, sometimes served with a few mint leaves. It’s not a glorified ice cream sandwich. Really. #hype

Buddy: The social house member assigned to be your (and your roommate’s) friend. They can be really helpful and cool or totally absent and aloof. Or totally absent and aloof.

Buck: The gym. First floor: treadmills, ellipticals, etc. Basement: weight room, don’t go at 4 unless you’re going with your team/are on a team, not because you should feel intimidated, it’s just um crowded and um smelly…ok ? Good news, they have a prominently placed scale!

Chamberlain Room: Pull an all-nighter with dignity

C-Store: The snack store on the first floor of the Union. Arizona sweet tea and those weird but strangely attractive flavors of chips.  Ooooo sea salt.

Coatracks in the Dining Halls: Leave your stuff there so I don’t trip over it in the dining halls

Cote’s: Little red barn ice cream place on Maine St, wide variety of flavors but only open when it’s nice out. CASH ONLY #singles

Crackhouse: Also referred to as just “Crack,” this unassuming little house on Harpswell road is home to some of the wildest parties at Bowdoin. Don’t be fooled by the pretty (?) yellow flowery wallpaper, the boys in this house are down to rage (so long as they don’t have practice the next day). Don’t go before 1 AM and be prepared to get beer and other questionable substances spilled on you from the leaking pipes. #pipes #holdyourwater

Curia: Post your best hipster wannabe shit on here so that hipster wannabes can shit on it #hardhitting

Dark Room: Wicked creatively named, this is the darker dining room in Moulton with booths and long tables with loud chairs. Before you make a phone call, “dark” refers to the quality of light in the room.

Druck: If a plaster starfish and an extraneous fire escape had a baby it would be the Druckenmiller atrium. Not a bio major? Go Druck yourself.

Eddy: (The wise one) I get a Messianic vibe from this safe ride driver (and Sunday School teacher.) He told me once that he’s a carpenter–coincidence? I think not. He also plays Celtic music late at night to calm down the drunks.

Edward Fortyhands: A drinking game in which one duct tapes a 40 (malt liquor) to each hand and drinks both. Then pukes. Depp all over the place.

Express: Bagged lunch/dinner from Moulton. Don’t confuse the express line and the dining hall line. And don’t get the BBQ chips because they have MSG.

Field Hockey: Bowdoin Field Hockey for president 2020

Go U Bears: What fans chant at Bowdoin sporting events

Harps(well): Apartments across the parking lot from the hockey arena.  Usually home to mostly seniors and a few juniors who throw very crowded parties, so take off your outerwear immediately.  Friday evening of Ivies, Security brings food to the campus wide soiree (read: crackers, cheese, and little pepperoni everyone gets excited about).

H-L: As in, let’s go to the library, I need someplace where we can talk.

Hockey Table: The left-most table when you walk into the Dark Room in Moulton. Unspoken rule not to sit there unless you play men’s hockey/are friends with those who play men’s hockey. One time they moved the tables around and…*shudder*

Homecoming: Wait…what? Not a big deal at Bowdoin. #rahrahrah

Hubbard Stacks: 5 floors of books and the 6th floor is an absolute-quiet study area. Only accessible through the H-L basement. Clear floors add to the creep factor.

Ivies: I forgot…

Kanbar: The computer lab that never sleeps. Like a good neighbor, Kanbar is there.

Light Room: I think it’s the room with the yellow wallpaper and microwave in Moulton dining hall

Lobster Bake: Annual dinner before the start of each fall semester. Expect to see a great deal of pastels and Lilly and people who don’t know how to open a lobster. Put your blueberry cake on the opposite side of your plate from your lobster or the juices get into it and…#fatkidproblems

Meal Plan: I should point out that you can’t swipe in twice, you can’t save up meals, and you can’t give a meal to anyone else. Don’t forget your OneCard or they won’t let you in (seriously). Thank god Norma’s so cute or I would totally fight her.

Nantucket Reds: light-red/dark pink pants or shorts from Murray’s in Nantucket, but the term has come to mean any pants or shorts of that color #blasphemy

Natty: Short for Natural Light beer. It’s what’s in the kegs, ok?

One o’clock Rush: The line at the dining halls at 1 PM M-Th just after class gets out

Onecard: Uses include: swiping for meals, laundry, key to your room, coffee from the café, books from the bookstore, opening a beer to shotgun

Orient: The Bowdoin Misquote wouldn’t fit on the masthead

Overheard at Bowdoin:  dot com #wasntme

Panini Etiquette: 2 at a time, don’t take up the whole Panini machine with your sandwich, wait in line, don’t leave it in too long. Overflowing mayo= party foul.

Patty, Irene, Norma, Connie: (Bowdoin) card-swipers/stand-in grandmothers in the dining halls. We love them so much. Connie is new. She’s my favorite.

Pepper Flip: The Orient wrote up an article detailing the rules and regulations of the Pepper Flip, read it for details. Don’t be annoying with your pepper flips, but the guy who had to hold up his friend and sing the opening call from Lion King was probably one of the funnier things I’ve ever see.

Polar Points: Bowdoin money, the conversion: 1 polar point = $1. As a freshman, you get 100 per semester to buy stuff at the C Store and Café, use it or lose it. Bear in mind you can only buy food with your Polar Points, and not chapstick from the C Store

The Pub: Only freshmen call it “Jack Magee’s” (I can’t believe I remembered its real name). You can use your Polar Points there for meals, and they have dance parties on Thursday nights, which are sometimes fun.

Randy: Director of security, always wearing khakis, a Bowdoin Security hat and zip-up. He’s the man and everyone knows it. Acquaint yourself with Randy. You don’t know status symbols until you collect fluorescent bracelets…

Reading Period: The week before finals when students take study hard, party hard to the extreme

Red Brick: No, not the church you IDIOT.

Sail Room: It’s a room in the Union. With sails in it. Under the basketball gym. #boomboomboom #room

SafeRide: (207) 725-3337 call when you need a ride after 6 PM and before 3 AM. Put this number in your phone now. See Angela and Eddy for details.

Shannon Room: Shhhh we’re pretending to study in here! You may have thought you and your boyfriend were quiet, but everyone else was quieter.

Shua’s: Tuesday night senior night, short for Joshua’s Tavern on Maine St.

Spring: Doesn’t arrive until after finals are over.  Don’t get excited on March 21st

Sundae Sunday: Wednesdays and Sundays when both dining halls put out make-your-own sundae stations at dinner #goldenrubber #FTW

SuperSnacks: 10PM to 1AM in Thorne on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Late night snacks if you have extra meals at the end of the week. Easy recipe via Martha Stewart: tray+nacho chips all over+ nacho cheese all over= nachos all over

Tea: refers to the (freshman, pay attention) alcoholic iced tea, Twisted Tea, an Ivies favorite.

Thanksgiving Dinner/Holiday Dinner: Get to the dining hall before it opens and wait in line, or else you could be waiting for a looong time. Best dinners ever. Also hard to find seats unless you get there in time.

The Tower:  Coles Tower, the tallest building on campus and, for a long time, the entire state of Maine (sad because it’s only 16 floors).  Home to the nastiest elevators and the thinnest walls on campus. The jury is out on whether it’s phallic or not, but it’s definitely housed some real dicks.

Warmers: The sports bar on Maine St, Benchwarmers. Bros migrate there during Red Sox games, Pats games, etc.

Weekend Brunch: Primarily for re-hashing what happened last night. And for seeing who’s wearing the same thing they wore last night…so wear your snuggie.


5 thoughts on “Bowdoin

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  3. 1. No one in the world calls it “warmers”. That is dumb.

    2. You are DREAMING if you think Angela doesn’t judge the shit out of you for your hook up and then gossip about it to the next person she picks up. That’s why we love her. Even better, accidentally get in a saferide with your ex-boyfriend. She may try to set you back up.

    3. Missing from the list: RACER-X: Bowdoin professors’ 80’s cover band. A wonderful excuse to black out and wear tons of spandex. Don’t hide jello shots in your mailbox…never ends well.

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