Commons System: The housing system at Middlebury has five Commons: Wonnacott, Cook, Atwater, Brainerd and Ross. Students live with other First Years in their Commons when they arrive on campus and in their sophomore year before going into the general housing draw as upperclassmen. It doesn’t really matter where you get placed, but everyone knows that Ross is Slytherin.

First Year: The correct term for a freshman.

J.Crew: Looking good is what we do. J.Crew just provides the paisley and sweaters.

Meal plan: Just kidding. Open dining means no swiping, no counting meals and plenty of recent alums riding the panther to keep mealtime eye candy at its freshest.

Midd Kid: A Middlebury student or alum. Also a satirical rap song about the life of a typical Midd Kid.

Midd Kid rap: Play it to end a party within five minutes. (But actually.)

Patagucci: Vermont does couture. What every Midd Kid wears while pursuing outdoor activities or regaling others with tales of recent exploits.

Pradagonia: See Patagucci.

Public Safety: Campus security will let you into your room if your passive-aggressive roommate locks you out while you’re showering or give you citation for underage drinking at a social house party. The choice is up to you.

Riding the panther: Enjoying the perks of being a Midd Kid (free food, gym time) without paying tuition. A somewhat common activity for recent grads and students on campus before leaving to go broad or after coming back before the start of the next semester.

Social house: How the ‘Cac does frats: co-ed and not really Greek. Some have those weird letters from math class in their names, but apparently they don’t mean anything.

Tavern: Also known as Omega Alpha, one of the five social houses particularly well known for its annual Dirty Professor/Naughty Schoolgirl party that happens during one of the first weekends of fall semester.


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