Amherst: Pronounced without the “h,” thank you.

Biddy: President.

Bike Path: Long, windy, beautiful.

Captain Candy: The best store in the towns of Amherst, Hadley and Northampton!

Charles Pratt Dormitory (also known as Chuck Pratt): Has a Hogwarts staircase, my reason for going to Amherst (and of course, never lived in there…)

Extravaganga: Official annual potfest in the town green, aka pretty much on campus. Also happens to fall on admitted students weekend each year. Perrrrrfect.

Flayvors: You pet cows and eat ice cream. Simultaneously.

Freshman Quad: The only quad.

Hi-hi Lady: Best card swiper at Val. And the nicest.

Lord Jeff: The worst mascot in the history of the world. Long live the smallpox!

Marsh House: Cool artsy kids.

Memorial Hill: Best. Sledding. Ever.

Men’s Tennis Team: Awww yeah.

Mountain Day: Oh wait….everyone else has one but us.

Professor William H. Pritchard: The man, the legend. Has been at Amherst essentially all his life, knows everything about English/American literature after the 19th century. English major rite of passage.

Snow Days: Don’t exist.

The Socials: The weekend.

Track and Field: Lots of very short shorts.

TAP (The Amherst Party): Stampede.

The Trainer’s Room in the Gym: Where the candy jar is located. And shirtless, (sometimes) jacked boys.

Underwear Mile: Best night of the year.

Valentine Dining hall (commonly known as “Val”): the bane of every Amherst student’s existence.

Williams: KICK. THEIR. ASS. A claimed rivalry, though in real life, they’re really Amherst transplanted an hour west. They also win most of the time.

Women’s Basketball Team: Boss.

The Zu: The lesser-known veggies.

Zumbyes: Men who sing and dress as bananas. Also a pretty stellar a capella group.


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