The ACB: Refers to the now-defunct CollegeACB, an anonymous online forum very popular at Wesleyan. Full of libel, slander, trolls, vulgarity, gossip and information on which Econ courses are the easiest A.

Boozedan: The act of imbibing before, or during, one’s time in the dining commons of Usdan.

Techies: Non-athlete students.

Usdan: Student center that holds the main all-you-can-eat style dining commons. Populated mainly by underclassmen.

WesTech, The Tech: Nickname for Wesleyan, bestowed upon the institution years ago by athletes from other NESCAC schools who claimed that Wes has subpar-looking women and less-than-exceptional athletic prowess (two common characteristics of a technical school). As the 2010-2011 records of most Wes teams can attest, only one aspect of this moniker have since changed.


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