Definition of the Day 4/11

Cinestudio (Trinity): On-campus movie theater started up by Steve Gyllenhaal. Complete with old-fashioned comfortable seats, balcony seating, and a velvet curtain, it shows everything from foreign art films to blockbuster hits. Free tickets if you volunteer there, and it’s the only volunteer and student-run movie theater on a college campus in the country.


Definition of the Day 2/6

Estrogym: (Williams) The more feminine facility for working out (Get it?!? Estro… gym? Like estrogen! And gym! Wicked). Super clean and new and packed with machines and gizmos and who knows what. Lacking a juice bar or any male eye-candy (they’re all downstairs in the scary dungeon-like weight room). People who are found in the estrogym are either workout fanatics who spend 4 hours a day on the elliptical, or people like me who got the munchies the night before and ate three pizzas and feel guilty so they end up sitting on a bike for 20 minutes pedaling half-heartedly and leave to get a sub from Subway.

Definition of the Day 12/25

Trick-Turning (Tufts): An age-old past time, trick-turning is the ultimate in doing your school (and your 40 K+ tuition) for most. On Tufts’ unlimited meal plan, you can go to the dining halls (theoretically) 1,000 times between 8 and 11 AM, and then at 10:56 hit up Hodgdon, our To-Go place. Your card still works, so you can stock up on like $5 of water bottles, Cliff bars, burritos, corn muffins, or iced lattes (read: coffee flavored heavy cream and sugar), on the same breakfast tab just before hitting up Dewick again four minutes later for lunch service. With $8 allotted for lunch and about $9 for dinner, that’s $22 extra dollars a day of free stuff you can take out. One of trick-turning’s most sought-after uses? The General Tso’s chicken post-dinner on Wednesday nights (for the athletes that can afford the calories), and chasers; Hodg comes fully-stocked with every cranberry, orange, apple, grapefruit juice you could want, plus 12-packs of soda and Gatorades up the wazoo –  hangover cure, anyone? The only downsides? Closed on the weekend, and Tufts’ sustainability-crazed students pushing to get rid of the plastic bags.. where is all our stuff supposed to go….??

Definition of the day 12/17

Camel Waffles (Conn)– A necessary indulgence when a bagel just won’t do. When I first used the (surprisingly official and un-Conn-like) waffle irons, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my waffle was adequately crisped and golden brown.  I dislodged it from the top of the iron, plopped it onto my plate, and promptly pooped myself, as staring up at me, emblazoned on the center of the waffle, was none other than our illustrious Conn Camel!! Potential additions include, but are not limited to: choco chips, strawberries, strawberry syrup, and standard maple syrup.  All around a highly under-utilized resource.