Breakfast at Tiffany’s/Charlie’s Place: the two absolute best places to get hungover brunch on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. #blueberrychocolatechippancakes

Bundy Dining Hall: one of the social spaces on campus where parties are held. Bundy parties have a reputation for being sketchy or dirty. Place to be if you want to witness loads of PDA or take part in it

Bundy East and West: sophomore ruled dormitory complete with coed bathrooms and showers. Not the cleanest of places. Bundy East tends to house a mix of students while West is generally more Greek. Lots of booting.

Café Opus: serves up chai latte’s and baller mango-brie panini’s. You haven’t lived until you’ve had an Opus chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven. Don’t believe me? Ask one of my several chins. #fat

Campo: short for Campus Police, they ride bikes, give out points, and do their thang. They’ve recently hired an “undercover” security guard so you no longer have to hide yo’ kids and hide yo’ wives

Citrus Bowl: the first men’s home hockey game of the season where students used to throw oranges and other citrus fruits at the visiting team’s goalie after Hamilton’s first goal. bit.ly/sRNKeo

Class and Charter Day: the Christmas of “days when binge-drinking is socially acceptable”. Students start drinking when the sun rises on the last day of classes before finals in the Spring. Performers from previous years have included Passion Pit, White Panda, and some other wicked bands.

Clinton Pottery Barn Mugs: nifty little mugs made in the village of Clinton. These are hid in plain sight around the campus in non-descript white boxes throughout the year.

Common’s Catwalk: the area between the food and seating areas in Common’s Dining Hall. Everyone can see that you have two brownies on your plate, don’t think otherwise.

Crawls: an obsession of HamTech students. Wandering around the campus and getting sloppy drunk, who could ask for more?

Dark Side: the south side of campus, formerly the Kirkland campus, where hipsters, coffee, and cigarettes prevail. The name comes from a rumored power shortage that caused a blackout on the Kirkland side of the campus during the Kirkland-Hamilton merger in the 70’s. (see ‘Dark Sider’)

Dark Sider: one who epitomizes the stereotypes of the dark side. Crunchy, smoker, and ironic.

Diner B: WHY WE LIVE. Breakfast food served from Midnight to 5am every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

Dunham: largest dorm on campus that houses students from every class year. Also known as “The Dirty D” for its unique and often disturbing odors.

ELS: building at the center of campus that used to have a grungy yet amazing basement covered in graffiti and beer. Unfortunately, the basement has been renovated and is just boring and gray now, but you can still host a party there.

Free T-Shirts: the key to making people want to come to an event. The brighter, the better.

HCEMS: the brave students who make sure the rest of us don’t die.

Hillcard: the lifeblood of Hamilton College. Gets you into buildings, shows if you’re 21 or not, and…. it’s a debit card!

Humans vs. Zombies: awkward campus-wide role-playing game where the “humans” must avoid the “zombies”, and “zombies” must attack “humans”. Keep an eye out for Nerf guns and bandanas, you’ll know it’s zombie season.

KJ Water Feature: glorified water fountain that students sometimes jump in when the mood is right (drunk at 2am)

Light Side: the north side of campus, the original Hamilton campus, home to our chapel, beautiful old buildings, and the statue of the man himself, Al Hamilton. (see ‘Light Sider’)

Light Sider: one who epitomizes the stereotypes of the Light Side. Fratty, preppy, and pastel wearing.

Martin’s Way: the red brick road runs through the entire campus. It’s the perfect place to pretend to be using your cell phone to avoid human interactions.

Nice’n’Sleasy: affectionate nickname for the gas station closest to campus that sells beer, cigs, and supposedly pretty gnarly pizza.

Pub Lunch: FRESHMEN DO NOT READ THIS. The best place to eat lunch on weekdays. Steak and veal on occasion? Count me in!

Rocky Horror: annual party that encourages raging and cross dressing, but basically just cross dressing.

Root Glen: nature walk and the prettiest part of campus

Streak to Win: Hamilton’s most celebrated sports team. We are the reigning champions. #umad? Check it out

The Annex: what we call the Tolles Pavillion, another one of the campuses social spaces. Location for the annual Farm Party, The Rocky Horror Picture Show Party, and various other shows and performances.

The Canons: canons in front of the admissions building that are pointed towards Colgate. We’re watching you…

The Cider Mill: the best part of the village of Clinton serving up slammin’ cider doughnuts

The Jitney: Hamilton’s equivalent of safe ride. The place to be if you want to see schwasted bros and blacked out hoes

The Little Pub: Hamilton’s on campus bar. Hosts Hamilton College’s trivia night every Tuesday.

The Rock Swing: a Dark Side icon, it is literally a swing with a large rock at it’s center. It is supposedly the first rock excavated when construction began on the Kirkland side of campus. When two or more people stand on the swing and shift their weight in a synchronized manner the swing twists and rises towards the ceiling.

Downtown: where the bars and off campus housing are. Usually refers to the two bars in town, the Rok and the VT

‘Nangs: douchey term for people from Chenango county


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