Beer Die: Colby’s own (often tedious) drinking game, often referred to simply as “Die.” Involves throwing dice in a lofty manner across a table to be caught, dropped, plinked or plunked. A catch means nothing. A drop is 1 point. A plink is a drink. A plunk is a chug out. Games are to buzz (7) win by two (2). This is a very simplified explanation. Reigning Major League Die champions are Tim Sciore ’11 and Sean Sullivan ’11.

Broomball: Vastly popular iPlay sport in which teams of 5 (often drunkenly) slide on shoes across ice with a stick (decidedly not a broom) and play a less graceful game of hockey.

BTP: “Bring the pain”? “Blue team pride”? “Bang that pre-frosh”? You’d have to ask a football player, but they probably wouldn’t tell you. Or let you sit at their table in the first place.

Dana Sauce: Popular sauce at burger / grilled cheese station of Dana dining hall. Sauce consists of unknown entities, though is widely believed to be some combination of the big three condiments. Typically used on burgers and french fries. Also, a popular iPlay team name for freshmen.

Foss: Where the fucking hippies eat.

iPlay: The intramural sports league at Colby. Consists of paid commissioners for each sport. Generally two divisions for each sport: competitive and recreational. You can guess which one has girls. Popular sports include broomball, soccer and basketball. Reigning 5-on-5 basketball champs “Make It Drizzle” is holding tryouts effective immediately.


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