Definition of the Day 12/25

Trick-Turning (Tufts): An age-old past time, trick-turning is the ultimate in doing your school (and your 40 K+ tuition) for most. On Tufts’ unlimited meal plan, you can go to the dining halls (theoretically) 1,000 times between 8 and 11 AM, and then at 10:56 hit up Hodgdon, our To-Go place. Your card still works, so you can stock up on like $5 of water bottles, Cliff bars, burritos, corn muffins, or iced lattes (read: coffee flavored heavy cream and sugar), on the same breakfast tab just before hitting up Dewick again four minutes later for lunch service. With $8 allotted for lunch and about $9 for dinner, that’s $22 extra dollars a day of free stuff you can take out. One of trick-turning’s most sought-after uses? The General Tso’s chicken post-dinner on Wednesday nights (for the athletes that can afford the calories), and chasers; Hodg comes fully-stocked with every cranberry, orange, apple, grapefruit juice you could want, plus 12-packs of soda and Gatorades up the wazoo –  hangover cure, anyone? The only downsides? Closed on the weekend, and Tufts’ sustainability-crazed students pushing to get rid of the plastic bags.. where is all our stuff supposed to go….??


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